Level Up Your Negotiation Skills

Strategic Alternatives organizes Negotiation Workshop for Game Industry Leaders with best-selling author Professor Stuart Diamond of the Wharton School.

December 4-5, 2018 in Las Vegas, NV


Strategic Alternatives looks for ways to strengthen and grow the capabilities of clients and our other friends in the game industry.  Therefore, we are pleased to organize a proven and effective two-day negotiation workshop at Green Valley Ranch near Las Vegas, Nevada on Dec 4 and Dec 5, 2018 (Participants should plan on arriving by the evening of Dec 3 to begin at 9 a.m. the next day). Please join Bob and Rhys at this fun, interactive, educational, and positive ROI event. Register before October 9 to receive our 10% earlybird discount. This is a highly interactive workshop so space is limited - you won't want to miss it - please enroll today!  If you are interested in attending but have not received an invitation to sign up please email Rhys Dekle at rhys@strategicalternatives.co to request one.

About the Workshop

Conventional Wisdom in Negotiation is Obsolete, Irrelevant & Destructive. The ability to negotiate effectively is critical to every aspect of running your game studio or publishing organization.  This is a proven workshop designed to level up your skills in negotiation taught by one of The Wharton School's most in-demand professors, Stuart Diamond. Professor Diamond’s book on negotiations, Getting More: How To Be A More Persuasive Person in Work and Life, is a New York Times bestseller and #1 U.S. business bestseller on the Wall Street Journal and USA Today lists. 

Through this intensive two-day workshop, you and others from your organization can learn and implement this innovative model in a variety of formats that meet your needs. You'll learn to focus on people and perceptions first and create much more value compared to the outdated methods from the 1970s which you find all over the video game industry.

Most people are not as successful, happy or persuasive as they wish because they have received bad advice since they were children on how to deal with others. Power. Leverage. Logic. Threats. Walking Out. Win-Win. Saying you have another offer. This advice is based on impersonal law and economics principles developed over 40 years ago. If you think that’s OK, try getting through the day in our fast-changing world with 40-year-old tools like a manual typewriter or rotary phone. 

Participants in this workshop will:

·        Gain a better ability to focus on and meet goals. Everyone says “goals,” but we show how to actually meet them

·        Make commitments that stick by finding out how the other party makes commitments

·        Uncover the perceptions of others and use them to create value

·        Turn transactions into relationships; develop linkages

·        Build more effective teams and consensus. An effective team is fair-minded to each member, something that happens too infrequently

·        Deal more effectively with emotional and cultural issues

·        Act faster in real time to quickly solve problems - this is a key success factor in this century

·        Use differences and disagreements to add value instead of create conflict

·        Think more strategically about negotiation. This is not a series of tricks or tactics; it’s a way of interacting with others that has lifetime benefits. You will see the forest and the trees

Fees and Details

The dates of the workshop will be Dec 4 and Dec 5, 2018 but participants should ensure they arrive by the evening of Dec 3 as we will begin at 9 a.m. the next day.  The fee for this workshop is $1899.00 per person and includes all workshop fees, a cocktail reception for participants and two catered lunches, and two night stay at Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, NV near Las Vegas.  We are offering an earlybird discount of 10% if you enroll by October 9, 2018 (BE SURE TO USE THE DISCOUNT CODE 'EARLYBIRD' at checkout to receive the discount). Up to 3 people from your organization may register to attend - please contact Rhys at rhys@strategicalternatives.co in order to get invitations sent to the others you would like to enroll.  Full refunds are available up to 30 days prior to the event with written notice to rhys@strategicalternatives.co.